What it Covers

This course maps to every exam objective and sub-objective that is covered by the AZ-900 exam and ensures you are ready for the new AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.

This AZ-900 exam prep course is designed for students that are interested in preparing for the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. Even candidates who wish to learn about Microsoft Azure, but possess limited or no technical background, will benefit from this course.

Featuring 5 hours of video lectures, engaging visuals, numerous hands-on demonstrations, downloadable AZ-900 infographics, and several quizzes, this Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course is perfect for any person who wants to learn Microsoft Azure.

The full-length end-of-course practice exam features 50 questions that you can use to test your knowledge. If you can pass the practice exam, you should be able to pass the actual AZ-900 exam.


There are no "required" prerequisites to take this course, but there are some things you can do to get the absolute most out of it.

Although this course is intended for those who are brand new to Azure and for those who have non-technical backgrounds, there are some prerequisites that you can meet to get the most out of this course.

Since you will be learning about Azure features and services, it would be helpful to you if you have access to at least a free trial Azure subscription. Although this isn't "necessary", having access to a subscription will allow you to follow along with some of the demos and to explore concepts we discuss.

If you don't have access to an Azure subscription, that's okay too. Just follow along and take notes.

Course Overview

This course, taught by a 25-year IT industry veteran (and Microsoft Certified Trainer), is the most-comprehensive AZ-900 exam-prep course available. It features 5 hours of video lectures, numerous hands-on demonstrations, slick downloadable infographics, and several quizzes. The course concludes with a 50-question practice exam.


    Learn about the the benefits and considerations of using cloud services and about the differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. You'll also learn about the differences between public, private and hybrid cloud models.


    Learn about the core Azure architectural components and how to describe some of the core products available in Azure. You'll also learn how to describe some of the key solutions and management tools that are available on Microsoft Azure.


    Learn how to secure network connectivity in Azure and how to describe the core Azure Identity services that are available. You'll also learn about the different security tools and features available in Azure.


    Learn about the many governance methodologies that Microsoft Azure adheres to, and about the many monitoring and reporting options that are available Azure. You'll also learn about the privacy, compliance, and data protection standards.


    Learn how to plan and manage costs in Microsoft Azure, and about what options are available for purchasing Azure products and services. You'll also learn about the factors that affect Azure costs, as well as many other pricing concepts.


    Learn all about Azure subscriptions and the support options that are available with Microsoft Azure. You'll also learn about Azure Service Level Agreements and about the service lifecycle in Azure.

The Best AZ-900 Exam-Prep Course Available Online.

Over 12,000 students have already enrolled and are calling it "Hands down the best training material out there for the Azure Fundamentals exam."

  • 5 HOURS OF VIDEO LECTURES: Learn from a 25-year veteran of the IT industry

  • ALL-NEW VISUALS: Because who wants to look at walls of text on PowerPoint slides?

  • HANDS-ON DEMONSTRATIONS: See where and how to access key Azure features

  • DOWNLOADABLE INFOGRAPHICS: Slick downloadable infographics that highlight key concepts

  • SECTION QUIZZES: Every section ends with a quiz so you can test your knowledge

  • COMPLETE PRACTICE EXAM: FREE 50-question practice exam at the end of the course to test your readiness for the real AZ-900 exam

  • 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Not happy with the course? Simply request a refund within 30 days

Course Curriculum

This Course Features 40 Video Lectures, 14 Hands-On Demonstrations, 5 Quizzes, 12 Downloadable Infographics, and a 50-Question Practice Exam

  • 1


    • Meet Your Instructor!

    • What This Course Covers

  • 2


    • Section Intro - Cloud Concepts

    • Why Cloud Services?

    • Cloud Models

    • Cloud Services

    • Section Conclusion - Cloud Concepts

  • 3


    • Section Intro - Core Azure Service and Products

    • Core Architectural Components

    • Azure Compute Services

    • DEMO: Deploy a VM via Portal

    • Container Services

    • DEMO: Deploy Azure Container Instances

    • Azure Network Services

    • DEMO: Create a Virtual Network

    • Azure Data Categories

    • Azure Storage Services

    • DEMO: Provision Blob Storage

    • Azure Database Services

    • Azure Synapse Analytics

    • Key Managment Tools

    • DEMO: Create a VM with PowerShell

    • Azure Marketplace

    • Section Conclusion - Core Azure Service and Products

  • 4


    • Section Intro - Azure Solutions

    • Internet of Things

    • DEMO: Implement the Azure IoT Hub

    • Big Data and Analytics

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Serverless Computing

    • Azure DevOps

    • Azure Sphere

    • Azure App Service

    • DEMO: Create a Web App

    • Section Conclusion - Azure Solutions

  • 5


    • Section Intro - Security Privacy Compliance and Trust

    • Securing Network Connectivity

    • Core Azure Identity Services

    • Security Tools and Features

    • Azure Sentinel

    • Azure Governance Methodologies

    • Monitoring and Reporting

    • Privacy compliance and data protection standards

    • DEMO: DDoS Protection Plans

    • DEMO: Multi-Factor Authentication

    • DEMO: Network Security Groups

    • Section Conclusion - Security Privacy Compliance and Trust

  • 6


    • Section Intro - Azure Pricing and Support

    • Azure Subscriptions

    • Planning and Managing Costs

    • DEMO: Use the Azure Pricing Calculator

    • DEMO: Use the Azure TCO Calculator

    • Azure Support Options

    • DEMO: Open a Support Request

    • Service Level Agreements

    • Service Lifecycle in Azure

    • DEMO: Access Azure Preview features

    • Section Conclusion - Azure Pricing and Support

  • 7


    • COURSE QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge!

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